Robot Inventor’s Workshop Kit


Robot Inventor’s Workshop Kit

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We apologize for the inconvenience, but our product catalog is currently undergoing revisions, and will soon include detailed descriptions and options for color and conditions of all parts and kits. For now, all ROBOTIX Kits and Parts may come in various colors and conditions. Most ROBOTIX kits will come in a bulk-parts bag instead of the original full-color box. While we strive to always supply new quality parts, many items in our catalog have not been manufactured for many years, and our supply of new parts for those items have run out. Your order may received lightly used or open-box parts with no defects. If you have a special request for part color, please message us during or after you place your order and we will try our best to accommodate. If you receive broken or defective parts, we will replace it at no cost for up to 30 days after your purchase. No other returns may be accepted at this time, exceptions may be available to comply with local laws or extraordinary circumstances.

(1) – Robot Inventor’s Handbook

(1) – Low-Speed Motor

(1) – 1-Switch Controller

(21) – Interchangeable and Expandable ROBOTIX Parts

(1) – PVC Zipper Bag

The Robot Inventor’s Workshop Kit includes Six (6) Challenges/Curriculums:

(1) Create Your Own Robotic Arm

(2) End Effectors in Action

(3) Build a Pulley Power Hoist

(4) Build a Lunar Crawler

(5) The Robot Zoo

(6) Robot Inventions
Hundreds of ROBOTIX Variations… “The Only Limitation is Your Imagination”

Goals and Objectives will be created by setting Tasks using this Kit to allow Kids an opportunity to realize the importance of Math, Science and Engineering as well as having a great deal of fun BOTH Individually or in a Team or Group environment.

The Robot Inventor’s Workshop Kit is in a Kid-Friendly Heavy-Duty PVC Zipper Bag (20 cm x 22cm x 4cm) for E-Z Storage of ROBOTIX Motor, Controller, Parts & Handbook. The Handbook is bound professionally and printed with 4-Color Cover and Black & White Pages consisting of Schematics and Drawings for Assembly.


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