About Robotic Rice LLC

Robotic Rice LLC started in July 2019 as the successor to Robotics and Things, Inc. Neal Friedman, the former President of Robotics and Things, was ready to retire from the burden of every-day small business managerial duties and began the search for a suitable replacement to keep his legacy alive. As a former employee of Robotics and Things for over nine years, our President, Sam Rice, was ready to take the reins of the organization and lead it into a more modernized educational institution focusing on empowering our educators with the training to provide a quality of service unparalleled in the field of STEM Education.

Currently, Robotic Rice LLC has workshop all throughout Ventura County, and even some in the Los Angeles County area, focusing on STEM subjects such as Hands-On Robotics, CODE Instruction, and Live TV Studio & Multi-Cam! Our courses offer a unique perspective into STEM, through using parts and curriculum that can not be found anywhere else. We like to strongly emphasize the development of the students’ innovative skills by presenting them challenges to solve, without providing step-by-step instructions like your common Lego kit. Instead, our students are made to imagine their own solutions to our challenge and adapt their builds as they discover their own weaknesses – all while developing their problem-solving skills.

Robotics and Things had a well-known history of working with Educational Institutions, Science Centers, Museums, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs, NASA Development Schools, Military Groups, Associations, and numerous other Programs Worldwide! And now that those contacts are in the hands of Robotic Rice LLC, we plan to further nurture and develop those relationships and continue to be the partner you’ve grown to trust.